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  Nutri-Tech Article:  
  The Phosphate Equation
By Graeme Sait

The unparalleled, 100% price increase in DAP/MAP in just a few short months has generated shock waves throughout agriculture, as reality bites and growers begin to understand that peak oil means peak prices. Prices for urea, pesticides and diesel have also risen considerably but it is a special set of circumstances that is responsible for the massive blow-out in prices for the world’s largest selling fertilisers, DAP and MAP. Key contributors include a 400% increase in raw material costs combined with reduced manufacturing plants (linked to rationalisation) and huge demand due to the US ethanol boom. Energy price hikes have also contributed to the blow-out. The upside of this dramatic increase in production costs is that many growers are now forced to re-evaluate the efficiency and cost effectiveness of their phosphate fertilising. In doing so, many have realised that unstable, acid-treated phosphate, where up to 70% may be lost to lock-ups, was dubious value at $650 (AU) per tonne but it is an extremely poor investment at double that price. Let’s look more closely at the phosphate investment in crop production - let’s look at how this mineral works in the soil and in the plant, how we can increase the efficiency of phosphate fertilisers and how we can reduce costs without loss of production.
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Product Info and Analysis

Langfos dissolves partially in week acids such as citric acid and when finely milled it is used as a phosphate fertilizer, especially in high and low Ph soils.

Organic Registered No. B4038  Fertilizer Group 2 – Act 36 of 1947

Available in bulk, 50kg bags, 500kg bags and 1 ton bags.


As Langfos is not water soluble, it’s a slow release product which releases the phosphate to the plants over many years assisting the farmer to build up healthy lands. It enriches the soil with trace elements and stimulates root growth and helps with photosynthesis in all plants.


STANDARD ANALYSIS     5% P   % m / m
Total Phosphorus (P) 8-10
(Krumm/Wagner Method - slow release)    
Calcium (Ca) 20.1
Sulphur (S) 0.145
Magnesium (Mg) 1.30
Iron (Fe) 0.73
    mg / kg
Manganese (Mn) 9
Copper (Cu) 3
Zinc (Zn) 13
Molybdenum (Mo) <10
Boron (B) 0.8
Fluoride (F) 0.76

General recommendations for usage

Langfos can be applied according to need of soil (P) analysis.
will never cause a problem if too much is applied. Recommendations can range from 100kg to 1500kg per hectare.
one of our agents in this regard.

Langfos and ammonium sulphate nitrogen is a very good combination, which is further improved if mixed with any organic fertilizer.

Preparation of vinyards:

Langfos broadcast 700kg–1 ton per hectare
New plantations:
500g Langfos per hole
Existing vines:
200g Langfos under dropper per vine

Earthworms and Langfos

Very recently earthworms were fed Langfos along with other organic food. There was 20kg of Langfos fed to 8000 earthworms over a period of 8 weeks. The manure was analyzed and there was a significant increase in the phosphate content. The Bemlab analysis below shows the differences. Samples 1 and 2 were earthworm manure where Langfos was fed. This will result in when earthworms are present in soil and Langfos is administered, it will further enrich the soil and increase the P %.

Trace elements in Langfos

Almost all natural trace elements are present in Langfos and as Langfos is an organic phosphate, it is registered as such with the Department of Agriculture as a Fertilizer Group 2 Reg B4038.

Aluminum toxic soils

Langfos has the unique property as to when agricultural soils are contaminated with toxic aluminum, especially in KZN (coastal), North West and Eastern Cape (coastal areas), it restores the soil so that it releases more phosphorus for root development. In toxic aluminum soils chemical phosphates cannot fully work, but after Langfos is applied broadcast and chemical phosphate used to plant the two phosphates combine to form a tri-phosphate.




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